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can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...

you are the one in my life, like an undying star..♥.*

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About Me..♫

Hey there :) I'm Ji. I'm 20, I'm a student and I live in Scotland, UK :). I'm not great at About Me's so my apologies if this appears to come across rather stunted. I'm very talkative and usually easily excitable. Lately, I've managed to fall into the magnificent world of korean pop culture and am in no rush to escape :] I'm really into 빅뱅, 동방신기 and 샤이니 right now, definitely the culprits of my overly excitable nature these days. I'm also currently in the process of learning Korean but as I am teaching myself for the time being, it is a particularly slow process due to school. But one day I'd love to travel to South Korea and teach english, but for now I'm a Biology student at university haha xD
So if you have any more questions about me or want to chat, I'm always open to meeting new people, so leave me a comment and I'll reply as quickly as I can :) ♥!

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